Revit for Small Residential Projects

A common myth in the architecture industry is the belief that the benefits of working in BIM and using Revit software apply only to large scale or commercial projects.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  As we will outline in this post, using Revit for small residential projects and one-off bespoke house designs has […]

How to Get Started in BIM + Revit for Architects

In recent years, more and more construction design professionals are upgrading to working in BIM (building information modelling) and most commonly AutoDesk Revit is their software of choice.  The reasons for making the investment are clear, BIM offers far greater efficiency, collaboration and organisation to traditional 2D ways of working in CAD.  This in turn […]

Revit Template Checklist

Revit Template Checklist

A good way to begin building your Revit Template is to start with a Revit template checklist.  In this way you can work one by one through each of the essential elements as you develop your template and can ensure the fundamental settings, tools and elements are all considered and included.  It is also important […]

What is a Workshared Model in Revit?

Work-sharing is a design functionality that allows team members to work on the same project model at the same time.  A workshared model in Revit allows multiple team members to simultaneously make design changes to a local copy of the central model and synchronise back to the central model to save any updates they have […]