What is a Workshared Model in Revit?

Work-sharing is a design functionality that allows team members to work on the same project model at the same time.  A workshared model in Revit allows multiple team members to simultaneously make design changes to a local copy of the central model and synchronise back to the central model to save any updates they have made.  The central model itself is saved on the office server and is not opened directly.

workshared model in Revit
How does Workshared Model function?

Each team member creates a new local file from the central model every time they work on the model.  A new local file is automatically created every time the central model is accessed in this way.

workshared model in Revit

The central model is updated via the individual local files which are open on each user’s desktop while the project is being worked on.

workshared model in Revit
What are Worksets?

A feature of a workshared model in Revit is worksets.  These are a collection of elements based on a designated function or identity.  Worksets enable team members to take ownership over a whole category of building elements such that they can exclusively edit these elements.  On larger projects, this helps to lock certain elements if necessary while they are being updated to prevent potential crossover or conflicts within the model.

As an example, you can create worksets based on the following categories:


Architecture Facade

Architecture Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings

Placeholder Elements

Linked Consultant Models

Linked Survey Information

Linked DWG’s (for drafting purposes)

How to Maintain a Workshared Model in Revit

Because of their complexity and multi-dimensional nature, work-shared models must be regularly audited and should be built according to Revit best practices.  This will maintain the health of your model and reduce the possibility of errors occurring in your model.  

Free Resources & Downloads

To help with auditing your workshared model in Revit, we have compiled a guide of best practices for Revit that you can download for free and refer to as you work in Revit. This free guide sets out best practices for maintaining the health and performance of your Revit models.  Our tips and guidelines are set out in easy to follow, step by step processes.

image: project by n. Free Guide to Best Practices in Revit

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