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Beautiful Drawings from Revit

At Project by n. it is our mission to explore and develop innovative ways to create beautiful drawings from Revit and to push the boundaries of Revit’s graphic capabilities in the production of elegant, crafted 2D drawings. Here on our Revit Graphics Blog, we share articles and information about our ideas, methodologies and knowledge relating to graphic output and drawings from Revit.

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What is a Workshared Model in Revit?

Work-sharing is a design functionality that allows team members to work on the same project model at the same time.  A workshared model in Revit allows multiple team members to simultaneously make design changes to a local copy of the

create a Revit template

Create a Revit Template from Scratch

The essential first step to working in Revit is to create a Revit template.  A good Revit template will economise your time and streamline your workflow.  Your template should be specifically developed for the needs of your practice and should

Beautiful Drawings from Revit

Beautiful Drawings from Revit? It’s possible.

BIM is the latest innovation in the production of drawing information for architects, engineers and designers, and AutoDesk Revit is, no doubt, at the forefront of this BIM revolution.  Revit has a myriad of strengths including helping construction and design


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