Revit Templates

“I prefer drawing to talking.
Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.”

Le Corbusier

We are an architecture graphics studio.

We specialise tools for Revit.


We have created graphic Revit templates, BIM solutions + tools
specifically for small to medium scale architecture studios.

Revit Template Checklist


BIM . . . but better

At Project by n, our objective is to help architecture practices create beautiful drawings in Revit while achieving efficiencies in the production of drawing information and in the delivery projects from conception through to final realization. As architects ourselves, we have experience in working with architecture and design studios that share our passion for producing beautiful graphic drawing output and imagery. In our work, we employ a methodology that focuses on the production of exemplar graphic output and the implementation of efficient work-flows for the effective organization of drawing information, graphic tools, annotations, schedules, views and sheets.

We have created a Revit template specifically developed for design-led architecture studios with a focus on crafted design output. It is designed to help you organise your drawings, sheets and views more easily navigate the Revit browser. The template is fully set up with graphic features, annotations and elements that will greatly enhance the graphic output from Revit to create beautiful, quality drawings.


Our free template guide showcases the features of our Revit graphic template and sets out the guidelines for its use in a simple step by step process. It provides detailed descriptions of the functions of our integrated view templates, parametric annotations and graphic elements. It also outlines tips for how to adapt the template to your design practice standards where you may wish.

The manual can be used as a studio technical standard for Revit within your practice and as a resource for best practices + guidelines in the development of drawing output from Revit.

download our free template guide