sample revit project

Sample Revit Project

Complete Revit model of a three bedroom house project ready to download.

We are excited about this product, as it showcases how to create graphically elegant and beautiful drawings in Revit.

We’ve been working hard to pack the project with useful content, graphic settings and drawings, including a set of general arrangement drawings, details, presentation drawings and schedules.  These can be adapted for use in your own projects.


Units: Metric

Compatibility:  Revit Versions 2018-2025


product features

The Sample Revit Project is complete with view templates and custom 2D and 3D families, and is ideal to use alongside our PRO + LITE templates to enhance your Revit drawings.  See our complete set of included drawings and schedules in the images.

Revit Families

Custom Title Block

Custom Revit Families

Custom Window + Door Schedules


Sample Detail Drawings + Tools


Sample Wall Types

Sample Presentation Drawings